Monday, August 11, 2014

The Blessing of Blessings


Good Job Elders! 
Well, To be honest, I don't really remember much that has actually happened this week.  We were finally able to meet with our investigator from Rwanda though and it was SO good!  It was a great lesson and he is amazing.  It is incredible to see his faith and trust in God.  He was so excited that he finally got to learn how to pray.  Every morning he says he wakes up and thanks God for his life and children but he doesn't know how to pray.  One of my favorite things that we get to experience as a missionary is seeing someone pray for the first time and how much it means to them.  He said a really great prayer and is willing to meet with us twice a week.  We are pretty excited about him.   We also did find a new investigator this week!  We got to help a Sister Inget with cleaning her house and, oh my goodness, I have never met someone so nit picky when it comes to cleaning.  Then try taking orders in Finnish.  It was kinda rough.  But we did it!  And the elders got to be outside hitting rugs and talking to her next door neighbor.  They did a great job preparing him, though, so that when we went out and talk to him, he was more than willing to talk to us about God and have us come back!!  Good Job, elders. :) 
Frightening Experience
This week we did have an interesting experience with running into a drunk man.  We stopped to talk to him not realizing at first that he was really drunk.  He tried to get us to sit by him but when we said no he stood up and stumbled his way to us and seriously came inches from our faces.  I will admit I got a little freaked out. I still am not used to people when they get drunk, though it is super common in Finland.  I moved away pretty quickly but Sister Nyman didn't!! Eventually she had to grab his hand and kind of push him away a little bit and tell him that he should sit down.  But he refused to go sit down!  We then told him that we talk about Jesus Christ and if he was interested he should stop by our church sometime and then sped away.  I will admit It was kinda a frightening experience. But then again, people here are drunk all the time.  It is honestly one of the saddest hardest things to see how many people just waste their life away getting drunk.  Some days the streets just smell of alcohol.  Its pretty sad but it is amazing to see when people really start to change and give it all up and find the light of the Gospel.
Adding Meaning to My Personal Study 
Anyway, this week I did have some amazing experiences during my personal study.  I have to admit that Personal study really is one of my favorite hours of the day to receive so many answers and learn more and more about the Savior.  It is amazing. But, the past couple of weeks I have decided to start it by reading my Patriarchal blessing every morning before I start reading the scriptures or Preach My Gospel or anything.  It has made the world of the difference in my studies!  It has helped me to see more and more the way that God sees me and in turn has helped me to see the people around me a little bit more like He sees them--His sons and daughters.   We really are children of a Heavenly Father and he loves us so much and has so many blessings in store for all of us.  I have received so much peach and guidance from my personal blessing.  I am so grateful for Priesthood blessings and the guidance and comfort that they bring into my life.  I am so grateful for the power of the Priesthood. I don't know what I would ever do without it!  It has changed my life!  This Gospel has changed my life!  It is the greatest blessing in the world and brings the most happiness and the most joy and I am so lucky to be able to have the chance to share it with others. 

Well, The church is true! I love all of you!! 


Sisar Knapp

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