Monday, November 25, 2013

The Golden City and Wonderful Members

Well this email won't be very long since not a whole ton happened this week.  This was kind of a rough week but of course we still saw a ton of miracles!  Here is a little bit of what happened this week.  (But first some pictures of my apartment.  It's really cute!)

Monday: P-day!!  
Spent the day emailing, writing letters, shopping, and sleeping! haha but then we got to meet with the cutest inactive family in our ward, the Jonio's!  We got to teach them about the Restoration and it went so well!  They are so wonderful and their daughter is only 2, Sonja,  and is SO cute!  They are also the members who came to church last week and we are meeting with them again this week.  We are so excited about them and just love them tons! 

"You do know it's dark here ALL the time, right?!"
(answer to Mom's question about whether she is walking down dark streets like this a lot)
Tuesday:  The Golden City
You can see both Espoo & Lohja on this map
We went to Lohja (about a 40 minute to 1 hour drive from Espoo) which the missionaries also call the 'Golden City' because the ward members there are just awesome and are on fire about missionary work!  They are going to probably be putting new missionaries there so we will have 6 missionaries in our ward. :) Anyway, we had to go and look at an apartment for the possible new missionaries with the zone leaders and some of the ward members.  After that we got to go and meet one of the ward member's friends again who we had met last week.  So the first house we went to it was the woman who said that she wasn't interested in the church at all, Eila, so we thought that she wouldn't even let us in or anything. But when we got there we said a quick prayer, knocked on the door, and she answered and immediately invited us in!  It was so awesome!  We were able to tell her the whole Restoration lesson and tell her about the Book of Mormon and show it to her and she asked if she could look at it and we immediately told her it was hers.  And she said that she was definitely going to read it!  So really it was an awesome lesson! :)  We then went to meet with her other friend and taught the same lesson and gave her a Book of Mormon as well!  Then the daughter of the lady we talked to in the second lesson came to church this week!  So that was really neat! After that we went to a dinner appointment which was really good.  We got a referral of a person that lived right near us and I will tell about that later :) 
Marjaniemi when it's warmer :)
Wednesday:  Exchanges in Marjaniemi
Since my companion is the Sister Training Leader we had exchanges and went to Marjaniemi (right on the coast in Southeast Helsinki.)  That was cool because I got to help teach a lesson to one of their investigators, Ian, that is preparing to be baptized in a couple of weeks and also got to go to Institute (a class for young adults) which was really fun. 
Thursday: The Longest Three Hours Ever
Not much happened on Thursday.  Thursdays are planning days so we do our studies and then we go out for about an hour and then come back and plan for the next few hours.  After that we have a meeting with our ward mission leader and then bishops council.  I have to say that is the longest 3 hours ever!  I always leave with a bad headache after trying to understand what people are saying, haha.  It is really one of the only times that I feel completely lost and have no idea what anyone is even talking about!  But that is alright. :) 

Out in the cold doing the work (the camera lense is fogging up from the cold)
Friday:  Great Members
We got to go to Lohja again and meet with a member there who is just great!  She even videoed us singing a song to put on her blog! So that was way cool!  After that we got to go and visit an less-active member who we just happened to run into on the street before we went to her house since she noticed we were missionaries.  She is really super nice and the reason that she doesn't come to church is because she cant find a ride, but she was really excited because one of the members there had arranged rides for her for the next couple months so that she could come to church!  That was exciting!  After that we had a dinner appointment where, for the first time I didn't have to eat until I felt like I was going to explode, haha! :)
Saturday:  Singing Missionaries
Our Zone Leaders Elder Waite (who is from Spanish Fork) and Elder Crofts had a baptism for Johan!  We spent a lot of the day helping them get set up for that and cleaning up the food and everything afterwards.  It was really good and we got to sing "Amazing Grace" as Espoo 1st ward missionaries!  There is something that I have learned as a missionary... get used to singing in front of people a lot because we are constantly doing musical numbers!  After the baptism we help with this youth activity and that was rough trying to speak finnish alone but I got by fortunately! The language is coming, just really, really slowly! 
The Helsinki Temple
Sunday:  The Best Day of the Week
Sunday was our best day of the week!  We had church, which was the primary program this week and they are so cute!  It made me think of primary programs back home and made me miss home a little bit!  After church we had a ward picnic and so I got to know some of the members.  We then went back to Kilo and we were trying to look up the referral we had received earlier this past week but we couldn't find the building on Kilonkalliokuja... So we thought maybe we just wrote it down wrong and went to Kilonkallio instead.  And you will never believe it!  It was the African family that we had met the previous week, Ama and Bernard!  It was so neat!  What are the chances?! Just another tender mercy right there! We were able to set up a return appointment for later in the week! Next we went to knock on a former investigator's door but we ended up knocking on the wrong door and ended up talking to this Finnish guy all about the gospel since he had a TON of questions about it and it was really cool to see because he was just accepting of all of it.  We were able to give him a Book of Mormon and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and get his number so that we can hopefully set up a time to go back and meet with him!  We ended up talking to him for like 45 minutes and by the time we left we were FROZEN!  We couldnt move our fingers and thought we were going to go into hypothermia, haha.  Not really but it was SO cold!  So today we have decided it is time to buy warmer clothes! 
Well that is my week!  Thank you for all your love and suport and prayers! :)  

Sister Knapp
p.s. Next week I will be emailing one day early because I will be in Helsinki all next week for my 6 week training where I get to see all my friends from the MTC!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Miracle Week!!


That is the Life of a Missionary
Well this week has been really great but first I want to answer all of the questions that Mom asked before I talk about the past few days!  This is a normal day in Finland :) We start by waking up at 6:30 and going for a run around the Temple with it all lit up and everything!  It is absolutely amazing and so beautiful!  I am so lucky to live so close to the temple and get to see it almost everyday because some missionaries only see the temple a few times throughout their entire mission and I see it everyday!  Just one small tender mercy from the Lord!  After our run we have an hour to get ready and eat breakfast, then we have an hour of personal study, two hours of companion study, and an hour of language study!  So we usually don't leave the apartment until around noon unless we are going to do language study with a member in the ward.  After that we go about the day.  It has been really rough the past few weeks since our ward is brand new and we had practically no investigators and no former investigators.  We had to start from scratch! We  spend a lot of time finding people by meeting with members and getting referrals, contacting on the street, and tracting by going 10 doors on either side of the house when we go and visit an inactive member!  We do that all day until about 8 when we finally come home for dinner :)  So that is the life of a missionary!  We try and talk to everyone and find new people that we can meet with and teach the gospel. Most of the time we do this  on the train or knocking on doors or when meeting people  in the street!  
With my amazing companion, Sisar Fronk!
Sleeping is Wonderful
P-days are pretty normal.  We do our studies in the morning and then we get to go to the temple to email home! That is so fun because we get to see the other missionaries in our district and meet temple missionaries too! After that we walk to the grocery store and  try and lug our food  all the way home.  That is when we wish we could run into some missionaries that would be willing to help us.  haha. :)  Then we do laundry and write letters and sometimes we just sleep (because sleeping is wonderful and we can always use more sleep! :)  
Finland is Peaceful Everywhere You Go
Now all about Finland!  Finland is absolutely beautiful and probably the most 'American' country in Europe.  You can practically find everything here that you can find in the U.S... well besides restaurants and things like that.  It also kind of feels like you are camping because there are trees everywhere and forests that you get to walk through nearby.  I love it.  Plus, Finland is so quiet!  It is just peaceful everywhere you go.  The only time that Finns are not quiet is when they are drunk, so it is really easy to tell.  It is so different because people just live their lives and when they are sitting on a train they never talk or anything.  It is just silent!  (Unless you are talking to us Mormon Missionaries! :)  It does still have normal European things to it but it isn't much like Spain at all (except for the fact that you do have to weigh your fruit and insert coins to get a cart at the grocery store, and everyone travels by train or bus.) Public transportation is huge here.  Really Finland is great and and the people are so nice and so polite, even when they are rejecting you.  So that is a nice thing! :)
This week went really well. I had my first exchange with the Neitsytpolku (a suburb of Helsinki) sisters and so my companions for a day were Sister Ehlin and Sister Jones.  They are wonderful and we had a really good day.  I got to see an example of what to do in a situation where you have a ton of appointments and think you will be crazy busy but then have everything fall through.  I can imagine that happens a lot in some places,  but we have a lot of blank days right now in our area as we are trying to find new people to teach.  I also learned that I love Espoo!  In Helsinki people are always in a rush and really just don't want to talk to you, haha, so I love getting to talk to people in Espoo because they are so much more relaxed and it is so nice!  
Things are starting to Happen
I have also learned to "come what may, and love it!"  I read that talk this week and it really did apply!  Sometimes you think that things can't get worse. I have learned that they can.  But I have learned to just laugh about it and after the hard tough days and weeks come the miracles!  For instance, on Friday we had the opportunity to go to a dinner appointment at the Nuutinen's  in Lohja and we were running late.  We got stuck in a different area so the zone leaders were just waiting to drive us out there (since it is an hour away and they were going to do some work up there while we were at the dinner appointment.)  We barely got there on time and we were hurrying up the stairs to the door when we realized it was the wrong door!  So we hurried back down, but on the way down I slipped and fell and twisted my ankle so badly that I couldn't walk!  The worst part was that they heard us and yelled down to us to come in, but we didn't know how to tell them in Finnish that I fell and twisted my ankle. So embarrassing.  After  about 5 minutes I could limp over to the door and we were able to make it inside.  They bandaged up my foot and put ice on it and everything.  They are the sweetest. :) Walking around after that was so hard!  Sister Nuutinen was dying to introduce us to a friend of hers, though, so I limped my way to her house.  She was so sweet and invited us in and fed us donuts, haha, and in the end said that she would love it if we came back!  We were able to set up a return appointment and we are so excited!  After weeks of feeling like things were not moving forward things were starting to happen!  
A Day of Miracles and Tender Mercies
I don't know if you remember when I talked about "The Tender Mercies of the Lord" talk by Elder Bednar when I was in the MTC.   I got to read that again this week!  I absolutely love that talk and have made it a goal to notice one small tender mercy every day.  It  is amazing how much this has changed my outlook on everything! Saturday was a huge turn around day for us and was honestly filled with tender mercies from the Lord!   
A Finnish Student and The Angel Lady
We started by teaching our investigator, Hai, that recently got baptized.  After teaching him with another recently baptized member, Gisel, we were going to go to the temple for her 3rd month anniversary of being baptized.  On the way we decided that we wanted to stop by a referral of ours, a Finnish student.  We got to talk to him about the gospel of course and he said that he would love to learn more and investigate the church!  After  weeks of praying we were able to find a new investigator and set up a return appointment!  That was just one small tender mercy! After that we were on our way to the temple but I felt like we should stop by the Angel Lady's house, Tina, and give her some cookies that we made.  She is seriously the sweetest lady in the world.  I found the courage to knock on the door and give her the cookies she was honestly so touched.  It  made us feel so good! :)  She explained that we should have called ahead of time so she could have invited us in but that she is  a writer and her book had been published and so she was hurrying to a conference.  We just shared a quick message with her about how families can be together forever (since her husband had passed away 3 years ago) and told her that we would call her ahead of time next time!  She is seriously amazing!  I love her! 
With Hai at his baptism a couple of weeks ago (added with permission)
Miracle Meetings
After that we continued to walk towards the temple and of course we were trying to talk to people as we walked.  Coincidentally, one of the people we started talking to is actually really good friends with an investigator that the other Espoo sisters are teaching.  The investigator they are teaching amazing and really wants to get baptized.  Unfortunately,  she is 17 and her parents won't let her so she is waiting until she turns 18.  Anyway, this girl we ran into has actually been interested in meeting with missionaries before!  So we got her number and found out that she lives in Kilo really close to us!  She said to call her and we could meet but that she first wanted to talk to her friend who is currently taking lessons.  But really, what are the chances?! We are so excited for her!  After that we were walking down the street and saw this girl, Victoria, carrying a big bag of groceries so we went up to her and asked if we could help and she said surprisingly said yes!  That was a miracle in and of itself because most people just tell us no and don't let us serve them!  Anyway, the amazing thing was that she was actually a referral that we had received from the elders a few weeks before that we had tried to contact and had even talked to on the phone!  It was really funny because she said that when she saw the elders she really just wanted to ignore them but felt like she should be nice and she ended up giving them her number.  She said that God must really be trying to tell her something if she was now running into us so she invited us in.  When we were in her house we were able to meet her friend (who had actually met with missionaries before).  Her best friend is Mormon and promised her a Book of Mormon but she never received one!  We told her that we would love to bring her one and meet with her sometime and she said she would love that!  So she gave us her number and told us that she expects a call soon!  Oh my goodness!  We were seriously being so blessed! 
With our amazing convert Gezelle at Subway! (posted with permission)
An Amazing Convert & More Sweet Blessings
After that we finally went to the temple and taught Gisel a lesson.  She is so wonderful!  She is the most amazing person in the world and one of the best examples.  She absolutely loves missionary work and loves the missionaries!  Anytime she has free time she spends it serving as a missionary with other missionaries and her friends.  She is an amazing example to us and is always encouraging us to talk to everyone no matter what!  Plus, she spoils us and loves to take us out to lunch so she took us to Subway  (yes, they have Subway here!)  She is so great! 
For our last miracle that day we went to an inactive member family to invite them to church and give them cookies but unfortunately they weren't home so we left a quick note and invited them to church. Later that night we received a text saying that they loved the sweet surprise cookies and that they would try and make it to church!.  And  guess what?!   They came!   
This week has been so great for us and such a turn-around week!  Really, as you trust in the Lord and keep doing your best,  He will bless you in everything!  I am so grateful for all of the tender mercies that I see everyday!  
Thank you everyone for all of your love and support! :)

Sister Knapp

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Errand of Angels

A normal walk through the woods in Finland

Terrified to Talk
Well this week was so much better than last week!  The only sad thing is that the language is still not progressing all that much.  It is more my fault than anything, even though the investigators that we have and the people that we teach all happen to know English and not Finnish. But I am absolutely terrified to talk to people.  It is so scary!  Which is crazy because the worse they do is tell you that they are not interested.  Plus, anytime that I go to speak to a Finn I freeze up and just can't get myself to say anything.  I love teaching in English though!  I really never thought that I could love English so much!  But I really do need to work on the language.  Fortunately, talking to members here isn't as nerve raking and I actually can do that. 
Waiting for the bus (can you see me?!)
The Dinner Dilema:  Learn to Eat Slow or Speak Finnish!
We have dinner appointments with members a lot!  The elders get so jealous because they don't have very many and just say that the members always just love the sisters more!  They are sorta not kidding though.  It is a small competition that we have with the elders which is super funny. However, dinner appointments are when I get to speak the most Finnish for the week so it is really good for us to go. I have also learned that I need to eat really slow.  Here is the problem... I don't know how to speak Finnish so I just try to keep my mouth busy by eating but then I finish my food really fast and Finnish people love to say, " if it tastes good eat more" (in Finnish). So if you don't take more that is really bad!  So I eat so much food at dinner appointments that I think I might die! So I have two options:  either learn to eat really slow or learn to speak Finnish! Ah!  I will keep you all updated on how that goes.

Give it Your All & Miracles Really Do Happen!
The wards here in Kilo actually just got split and so this is a brand new ward that was created and we are trying to really work with the members and get them involved in missionary work, especially in our ward area!  It has been a really big struggle to find new investigators in our area since it is so new to have missionaries really focusing on the north part of Espoo.  We are kind of starting from scratch, but one thing that I have noticed is that on the days where we really give it our all...those are the days that miracles really do happen! 
We borrowed the elders' bikes to ride up to Lohja.  It was beautiful!
This is Lohja, where we rode
The Errand of Angels
We had some of the neatest experiences this week.  One happened while we were out visiting Yan and Lin, a chinese convert couple, that just moved to our area.  We were walking home for lunch when Sister Fronk asked if we could go tract the building we were walking passed.  A little stubbornly, I said, "if you feel like we need to."  She just smiled and said, "Yep!"  So we went over to this building and at the first 2 doors they both just told us that they weren't interested, but then at the last door this amazing lady, Tina, and her daughter answered the door.  We started talking to her about prayer and everything and she told us that prayer is huge in her life since her husband passed away 3 years ago.  She also told us that she was just taking out her Christmas decorations and had pulled out two angels when two angels knocked on her door! She was seriously the sweetest lady ever.  Even though she didn't personally want to meet with us she said that her mom really needs God in her life right now and gave us her mom's address.  We feel strongly, though, that we need to go back to this lady and her daughter and tell her about the Plan of Salvation and that she can be with her family forever.  So we are going to do that today and we are so excited! :) 
With Sisar Fronk waiting for the train in the freezing rain.  I love her so much!

Church is Good...I Think!
We also had Stake Conference this week which was really good... I think!  I can't actually understand anything so I kind of just sat there for 2 hours.  Occasionally my companion would say, "Wow, that was a great story!  Changed my life."   I would just glare at her because she knows that I don't understand any of it!  So we would just laugh silently for the next 5 minutes!  But that is really how all church lessons are.  I don't understand anything and it is exhausting to try and figure any of it out.  Plus, I have decided that most Finns like to talk a million miles per hour and they run out of breath so they keep talking while breathing in and I swear that they never take a break!  It is so hard to understand sometimes.  I understand more here, though, than I did in the MTC so I guess that is a good thing!  The gift of interpretation is real! 

A Golden Find--"I hope this is the true church"
The coolest part about Stake Conference was that on the way we were on a bus with a ton of other members and we just happened to sit by one of the only non-members, Danielo, on the bus and he asked us where we were all going.  We got to tell him about church and a little of what we believed in in the short time that we were actually on the bus and then invited him to come with us!  He actually said that he wanted to!  I almost couldn't believe it!  He just followed us right into the church building and so we got to talk to him a lot more.  He told us all about how he goes to another church but that he doesn't like it because they don't teach everything that is in the Bible and just take what is convenient for them.  He also said that they aren't very nice and won't talk to anyone, yet they say to love everyone. So it was so neat when we came into church because everyone was talking to him and getting to know him!  He said to me that he hopes this is the true church!  How cool is that!?  He is golden!  We also told him about the Book of Mormon and gave him a copy in English (he is from Brazil) and he read it the entire 2 hours of church and then asked if he could meet with us after to talk about the things in the Book of Mormon!  This was seriously amazing!  Sadly, he isn't in our area so we introduced him to the elders in his area and they set up an appointment and he is now a new investigator for them!   It was seriously so cool to see that some people are really just prepared to hear the gospel and it just motivated us to find those people in our area! 
Cloudy Finland (this explains why I need extra Vitamin D and a 'happy light')
Being Saved From the Storm by Luna Lovegood
Now for our rain storm experience.  Since, (1) it rains all the time here and (2) I loved to tell rainstorm stories in the MTC, I thought I better share this one.  So the rule for missionaries is that you need to be home by 9:00 unless you have an appointment.  Well, we had an appointment that got out at 9:00 and it was about a 5 minute bus ride to the train station and a 7 minute train ride home so we should have been fine.  Unfortunately, it was pouring rain outside and we found out that the bus wouldn't be there to pick us up until 9:29.  We were in trouble.  So, we did the logical thing and decided to run for it!  We ran about a mile in the pouring rain, in our boots, wearing heavy backpacks and coats all the way to the train stop!  And you will never believe it!  We missed the train by a minute!!!  It left at 9:23 and the next train wouldn't come until 9:52.  We were going to be in so much trouble!!!  So we did the 'logical' thing and decided to run to Kilo, which was two stops away, haha. So we ran again about another mile to the next stop and after being exhausted and soaked we decided that it would be better to just wait for the train.  After all that we just waited and got on the train, avoided all the drunks, and got home around 10:00.  Sister Fronk told me to call our district leader because they wouldn't give me a hard time since I am the new girl! Plus, Elder Kaaria automatically thinks I am awesome because I apparently look just like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter!  Man, I can go all the way to Finland and still have people saying that!  Anyway, even though we were drenched we just laughed and laughed and laughed.  It was so crazy but so much fun!  I honestly have the best companion in the world! 
Soaked from our run in the rain!

Thank you everyone for all of the love and support and emails!  You are all amazing! 
Sister Knapp

Monday, November 4, 2013

It Can Only Get Better From Here

Hey Everyone!

First off I just want to say thank you to everyone for all of the love and support that I have received!  You are all amazing and I absolutely love hearing from you and writing you!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The first week and a half has been really hard and a big adjustment but it can only get better from here!  (Knock on wood,   haha.)
The Finnish Temple grounds.  Notice the beautiful trees (photo credit:  Meridian Magazine)
 Does the Sun Exist in Finland?!
Finland is really beautiful though.  It kind of feels like you are camping all of the time, depending where you are walking, and you get to walk through swampy areas and puddles and it is awesome! I am so grateful for boots because they are miracle workers.  Probably the weirdest thing so far has been the weather for me. It is raining all of the time and there is constant cloud cover! I think I have seen more clouds in the past 2 weeks then I have in my life time!  I didn't even see a glimmer of the sun for an entire week! I was beginning to wonder if it existed in Finland! haha  But it did come out for a few minutes eventually.  Also it gets light around 9ish and then is dark again by 4.  So by the time we get out of church on Sundays it is pitch black outside, which makes you feel like it is bed time but nope!
The way the sun looks as it rises in the morning around 9:00 am.  This is by the Helsinki Temple where I run every morning (but much earlier and in the dark)  (Photo credit:  Meridian Magazine)
This is more what it is like when I run past it (Photo Credit:  Meridian Magazine)
 The Joys of Being a Greenie
The food here is really good and is actually a lot like food back home which is awesome! Plus I haven't had any seafood yet!! The only thing that I have had that I really didn't like was salmiakki, which is this salty black licorice. Yeah... I think that I could live without that.  I also had my first dinner appointment where we had that and then this hard candy that was like the same thing but 10 times worse.  Trust me. There was no hiding facial expressions on that one! The family got a big kick out of it though!  I am the greenie that hasn't tried anything. haha. 

Strong Promptings (and how to get trick your stalkers) 
Also an exciting thing about Finland is that it is actually very diverse.  Which really surprised me but actually most of our investigators are not Finnish and I have only taught one lesson in Finnish.  The rest have been in English which I think has kind of been a blessing in disguise. I have enjoyed that anyway, haha.   I also have two stalkers but fortunately I haven't run into any of them again or received any weird texts.  They are both from Nepal. One started texting us saying how pretty I am and that he wanted to have a friendship.  We asked who it was and he told us but we had not met him before and so we called him.  But he only knew my name and kept trying to meet up and everything.  We had to explain that we were missionaries and invited him to church but to a different ward haha. :) The next guy was a little weirder.  We got off the bus to go and visit a less-active member and I saw this guy and made eye contact and then immediately felt like we needed to leave. I felt sick.  So I grabbed my companion and we started walking away.  Once we were about 200 meters away we stopped to look at the map. But the feeling wouldn't go away and I just thought I was being ridiculous. So I looked back to where the bus stop was and saw that he was watching us! Ah! Creepy!  So I told my companion what I was feeling and about the guy and told her that we needed to leave now!  So we started to leave and I noticed that he started to follow us.  So I started walking as fast as I could and we went to cross the street but he ran up to us!  So Sister Fronk turned and started talking to him in Finnish. I could understand the whole thing and he was asking her questions about me and wouldn't stop looking at me.  I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life! He then asked why I wasn't saying anything and she told him that I didn't speak Finnish so he asked what I spoke and she told him Swahili. hahahaha Yeah that made him really confused. So he started talking to me in English and asked what language I spoke and I told him English.  He then went on to explain that he is a really good person that doesn't drink or anything and is looking to have a friendship and kept asking my name and saying that I just really look like a nice person etc.  So I then had to explain with Sister Fronk that we are missionaries and don't date and only teach people about the gospel.  But he wouldn't stop pushing for my number or anything so we eventually gave him the address of the church and the other ward's time and told him we had to go.  But he insisted on giving me his number.  Wow... It was crazy. But after about 10 minutes of being kinda freaked out, I was fine! Finland is so safe though and it is amazing! You never feel like you aren't safe walking anywhere and it is great! 
Polite Rejection & Exciting News!
But here is the exciting news!  Our investigator, Hai, got baptized this past Saturday!  He is amazing and was so happy so it was really cool to see the joy that the gospel can bring into other's lives! He is the best and wants to come with us to teach lessons now, haha. He also makes us food all the time when we go to teach him.  He really is just awesome and we are so excited for him! That was really exciting for us this past week.  Especially after having a difficult week.  The work really is moving forward out here in Finland and it is really really cool to see! The people here are wonderful. They are the kindest and most polite people I think that I have ever met.  Even when they are rejecting you, haha, they are so polite about it.  It is weird though in Kilo because there are so many people here that don't actually speak Finnish so I have only taught one lesson in Finnish and it was the first day that I got here. So we are hoping to find some Finnish investigators since all the ones that we have speak English.  Thank you for all of your support!   I love you all! 

Sister Knapp 

P.S.  I will send Pictures soon!