Monday, November 25, 2013

The Golden City and Wonderful Members

Well this email won't be very long since not a whole ton happened this week.  This was kind of a rough week but of course we still saw a ton of miracles!  Here is a little bit of what happened this week.  (But first some pictures of my apartment.  It's really cute!)

Monday: P-day!!  
Spent the day emailing, writing letters, shopping, and sleeping! haha but then we got to meet with the cutest inactive family in our ward, the Jonio's!  We got to teach them about the Restoration and it went so well!  They are so wonderful and their daughter is only 2, Sonja,  and is SO cute!  They are also the members who came to church last week and we are meeting with them again this week.  We are so excited about them and just love them tons! 

"You do know it's dark here ALL the time, right?!"
(answer to Mom's question about whether she is walking down dark streets like this a lot)
Tuesday:  The Golden City
You can see both Espoo & Lohja on this map
We went to Lohja (about a 40 minute to 1 hour drive from Espoo) which the missionaries also call the 'Golden City' because the ward members there are just awesome and are on fire about missionary work!  They are going to probably be putting new missionaries there so we will have 6 missionaries in our ward. :) Anyway, we had to go and look at an apartment for the possible new missionaries with the zone leaders and some of the ward members.  After that we got to go and meet one of the ward member's friends again who we had met last week.  So the first house we went to it was the woman who said that she wasn't interested in the church at all, Eila, so we thought that she wouldn't even let us in or anything. But when we got there we said a quick prayer, knocked on the door, and she answered and immediately invited us in!  It was so awesome!  We were able to tell her the whole Restoration lesson and tell her about the Book of Mormon and show it to her and she asked if she could look at it and we immediately told her it was hers.  And she said that she was definitely going to read it!  So really it was an awesome lesson! :)  We then went to meet with her other friend and taught the same lesson and gave her a Book of Mormon as well!  Then the daughter of the lady we talked to in the second lesson came to church this week!  So that was really neat! After that we went to a dinner appointment which was really good.  We got a referral of a person that lived right near us and I will tell about that later :) 
Marjaniemi when it's warmer :)
Wednesday:  Exchanges in Marjaniemi
Since my companion is the Sister Training Leader we had exchanges and went to Marjaniemi (right on the coast in Southeast Helsinki.)  That was cool because I got to help teach a lesson to one of their investigators, Ian, that is preparing to be baptized in a couple of weeks and also got to go to Institute (a class for young adults) which was really fun. 
Thursday: The Longest Three Hours Ever
Not much happened on Thursday.  Thursdays are planning days so we do our studies and then we go out for about an hour and then come back and plan for the next few hours.  After that we have a meeting with our ward mission leader and then bishops council.  I have to say that is the longest 3 hours ever!  I always leave with a bad headache after trying to understand what people are saying, haha.  It is really one of the only times that I feel completely lost and have no idea what anyone is even talking about!  But that is alright. :) 

Out in the cold doing the work (the camera lense is fogging up from the cold)
Friday:  Great Members
We got to go to Lohja again and meet with a member there who is just great!  She even videoed us singing a song to put on her blog! So that was way cool!  After that we got to go and visit an less-active member who we just happened to run into on the street before we went to her house since she noticed we were missionaries.  She is really super nice and the reason that she doesn't come to church is because she cant find a ride, but she was really excited because one of the members there had arranged rides for her for the next couple months so that she could come to church!  That was exciting!  After that we had a dinner appointment where, for the first time I didn't have to eat until I felt like I was going to explode, haha! :)
Saturday:  Singing Missionaries
Our Zone Leaders Elder Waite (who is from Spanish Fork) and Elder Crofts had a baptism for Johan!  We spent a lot of the day helping them get set up for that and cleaning up the food and everything afterwards.  It was really good and we got to sing "Amazing Grace" as Espoo 1st ward missionaries!  There is something that I have learned as a missionary... get used to singing in front of people a lot because we are constantly doing musical numbers!  After the baptism we help with this youth activity and that was rough trying to speak finnish alone but I got by fortunately! The language is coming, just really, really slowly! 
The Helsinki Temple
Sunday:  The Best Day of the Week
Sunday was our best day of the week!  We had church, which was the primary program this week and they are so cute!  It made me think of primary programs back home and made me miss home a little bit!  After church we had a ward picnic and so I got to know some of the members.  We then went back to Kilo and we were trying to look up the referral we had received earlier this past week but we couldn't find the building on Kilonkalliokuja... So we thought maybe we just wrote it down wrong and went to Kilonkallio instead.  And you will never believe it!  It was the African family that we had met the previous week, Ama and Bernard!  It was so neat!  What are the chances?! Just another tender mercy right there! We were able to set up a return appointment for later in the week! Next we went to knock on a former investigator's door but we ended up knocking on the wrong door and ended up talking to this Finnish guy all about the gospel since he had a TON of questions about it and it was really cool to see because he was just accepting of all of it.  We were able to give him a Book of Mormon and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and get his number so that we can hopefully set up a time to go back and meet with him!  We ended up talking to him for like 45 minutes and by the time we left we were FROZEN!  We couldnt move our fingers and thought we were going to go into hypothermia, haha.  Not really but it was SO cold!  So today we have decided it is time to buy warmer clothes! 
Well that is my week!  Thank you for all your love and suport and prayers! :)  

Sister Knapp
p.s. Next week I will be emailing one day early because I will be in Helsinki all next week for my 6 week training where I get to see all my friends from the MTC!

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