Monday, August 18, 2014

One Year Mark! So Glad I Kept A Journal!

I Still Feel Like I Have No Idea What I'm Doing!
It's my Year Mark!!  Crazy how time can fly.  A year ago I was entering the MTC, not knowing a thing about what I was doing as a missionary or how to speak Finnish or anything and now here I am an "old" missionary (for sisters) and I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing and like I just got in the country and have no idea how to speak the language (yes, I am a little better that I was then).  Time really does fly by.   I can't believe that a year has already past.  It has been an amazing past year and I am so glad that I have kept a journal because I can't remember most of it at the moment but its been incredible and really a life changing experience.  I have learned so much better the love that the Savior has for me and for all of his children.  It has changed my life and is continuing to change my life.  He really loves all of us so much.  Our Father in Heaven and Our Savior do everything they do just for us.  Even though we are so imperfect and make so many mistakes, they have made the way so hat we can have all of those mistakes and burdens taken off our shoulders and be full with peace and joy.  This Gospel is a message of Joy.  It is the greatest message that we could ever share with those around us.  
 Our getto apartment.  Yep... we don't have a table so we have to be a little creative! 

Instant Miracles
Anyway, this week we did get to see quite a few miracles.  We were on our way to get groceries last week and just before we left we prayed really hard that we would be able to find someone in Lidl's (the store we always go to)  that was prepared.  When we got there we were not even in the store for 5 minutes when someone came up and grabbed my name tag and told me that they were interested in learning about God. We were both so taken back by it that it took him about 10 times telling us that he was interested before we new how to react.  Yes,  he was a little drunk... but we were able to set up an appointment and get his number so hopefully we will be able to meet with him soon.  He really wants to stop drinking and so hopefully we can help him with that.  It was so sad to see how much of an awful person he thinks he is but that he really wants to change.  He really needs the gospel and we get to help him find it! 
No Worries... I Said No
We also had another interesting contact with someone last week.  We were on our way to visit a member when we came across this guy just laying in the middle of the bike path. So naturally we stopped to see if everything is fine, but he said  that he was just sleeping there.  So we continued on and ran into someone else we knew and talked to him and his friend who were both drinking (and I did get offered beer for the first time in my life.... No worries, I said no.). We had a pretty good conversation about quitting drinking and all that before we kept going and ran into the same guy that was sleeping on the street.  So we decided to ask him about it some more and he said that he was actually just doing an experiment to see how many people would stop to see if he was ok.  Haha weird guy.  So we invited him to Family Home Evening and he wanted to come, but it wasn't for an hour and a half!  So he decided that he would just wait on a the bench until we came back and were done with our appointment.  You will never believe it!  He was actually there and he came to Family Home Evening.  He also came to another sports activity later on in the week and hopefully over time he will be more interested in the gospel since right now that isn't really the case.   But, miracles happen!! :) 
 Mustikapiirakka! (Blueberry Pie)  Super popular here in Finland
and I just made it for the first time all by myself!  So easy! 
Blueberry Picking
Unfortunately, the rest of the week was pretty sad.  We had a lot of no shows and everyone we tried to stop by to see wasn't home. So that was pretty discouraging, but school starts today so hopefully everyone will be home from their summer vacations now!   We did get to go and pick some berries this week!  Finland has a ton a berry bushes and there is a law that unless it is in someone's yard they are free for everyone.  So we picked some blue berries this week! Finns go and do this all the time so I'm glad I finally got to experience the Finnish summer berry picking tradition  (though I may not have lasted long because of spiders.... my companion did most of the picking. :)  
An Extra Week With My Longest Companion :)
Caught in another rain storm that turned into a hail storm! 
We found out the craziest thing this week.  Transfers aren't actually happening this week.  Something happened in the MTC and they are being held for another week or something so this change will be a 10 week change and next change will only be 8 weeks.  It is going to be so SHORT!  But this officially makes Sister Nyman my longest companion.   She is incredible though and I couldn't be more happy to have her as a companion. :)   

Thanks for all of your love and support! 

Sisar Knapp

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