Sunday, August 31, 2014

Flying South For the Winter!

Becoming Missionary Minded
This week has been a pretty incredible one. I can not say enough about how amazing and incredible the members in Oulu are and how well they do missionary work.  Really, this ward has grown so much in becoming missionary minded and sharing the gospel with their friends.  It has been definitely the coolest thing that I have seen as I have been here in Oulu these past 4 months.  Of course, along with seeing people change and come closer to Christ too.  I have to say that the Vietnamese boys are the best examples yet of member missionary work.  They are so good at it!   This week we had a lesson with a Vietnamese girl and she came with one of the members and brought a friend with her to the 'lesson'!  She wanted to learn how to sing and so we decided that we were going to teach about the Restoration through song.  I have to admit this has been the most fun lesson that I have ever taught on my mission.  We had a song for each head topic in the Restoration lesson and would have brief explanations and testimonies in between.  It was so good and the Spirit was so strong!  The crazy thing was our investigator was not interested at all but her friend, Chuc, LOVED it and talked about how touched she was by it.  When we gave her the Book of Mormon, she was SO excited! We also had a lesson with her later in the week and it went so well.  She agreed to a baptismal date on Sept. 27 and we are so excited for her. I have never seen someone with so much real intent. It is pretty amazing and she is pretty incredible. We can't wait to hear about her baptism!  (She was baptized later in November along with a new friend that she introduced to the Gospel).
Change Calls--Perfect Timing
Which brings us to change calls.... both Sister Nyman and I are leaving Oulu.  Yup, our area is being whitewashed because there are not enough sisters coming into Finland so they have to close some areas.  I will be going to Marjaniemi and will be with Sister Dixon.  I am going to really miss this place.  It is amazing and I will definitely be leaving a part of my heart here in Oulu. I couldn't have asked for a better ward or area to serve in.  This place is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  It has been so much fun but I am excited for all the new people I will get to meet and to be back in the South!  Perfect timing as it is now starting to get pretty cold here in Oulu and soon it will be dark.!  Flying south for the winter! :) 
District Conference 
This week was also District Conference so all of the members from Kemi, Kajaani, and Rovanemi came down for Saturday and Sunday.  We had a total of 6 hours of church this week.  It was really long but super good.  We had an Area Seventy come and visit us, Elder Kearon, and it was so good!  He is such a great speaker and It was so fun getting to hear him speak. It was also fun to get to see all of the members in the District up here.  We also go to see President Watson and talk to him some more which was a really good experience to get to know our mission president more. I think the scariest part was giving him a ride from the airport to his hotel! It was so intimidating and just having 30 minutes to talk with President.  Yes, Sister Nyman and I tend to be a little scared of our mission president just because welll... he is the mission president.  

All in all it has been a pretty great week and even though I am super sad to leave this place it will be a fun adventure! :) 

Thanks for all of your love and support!! :) 

Sister Knapp

Marjaniemi is a suburb of Helsinki, which is located by the sea Helsinginniemeltä to the east, on the south side Itäkeskuksen.

Marjaniemi is a lush housing estate, which dates back to the 1920's.  Housing consists of detached houses, semi-detached and terraced houses. The buildings have a maximum of two storeys. Marjaniemi has a population of about 2,000.

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