Monday, July 28, 2014

On A Bicycle Built For...TWO?!

Hot, Hot, Hot
This week was a rough one.  But If you never have the down and hard weeks you would never be able to recognize and be more grateful for the good ones. First off the small talk!  Oh my word.  It has been so extremely hot, hot, hot!  I have been dying.  Finns don't believe in AC. I don't know why or how they are able to live without it! But apparently this summer has been one of the hottest summers in Finland in like 100 years.  I just happened to come to Finland for one of the warmest winters and summers.  I am not complaining about a warm winter though. Sleeping has been near impossible though with how hot it has been.  We have been dying and just sweating all night.  I am really getting a feel for all the missionaries serving in hot and humid places. 
I Was Afraid I Would Laugh
This week was pretty crazy.  We mainly were helping out with the elders and sisters investigators because at the moment we don't have any.  The baptism sadly didn't go through.  He has gotten so close several times and then gets to scared and won't do it.   The other 2 baptisms also didn't go through but the sisters should be having their investigator, Miko, get baptized next week so we are pretty excited for him.  He is awesome and it was so fun getting to teach him.  He seriously reads the scriptures so lively.  It is the funniest thing.  I went into the lesson worried that I would just start laughing when he started reading and guess what?!  I did, haha.  He thought it was funny though.  We taught him the 10 commandments and when he read them it was really like Moses reading them.  So cool.  He is going to be an awesome member.  We also got to go on a few teaches with our investigator Jari that the elders are now teaching.  The lessons went really well but it was confirmed again how much he needs the elders right now which was really good. :) We also heard from our Chinese investigator that we gave a church tour a couple of weeks ago!  It was crazy, honestly. We got a call from a former investigator of ours that said she was trying to get a hold of us and needed us to call her. So we did.  It turns out that her "vacation" In Denmark got extended 10 days because she got falsely accused and was under investigation for 10 days!  That poor girl!  She said that she prayed so so so hard and that she really felt like God is the only thing that got her out of there!  She is now on her way to Rome but really wants to meet missionaries there! So hopefully the missionaries there will take good care of her and it will all go well for her.  She is so sincere and so sweet and we absolutely love her and hope that she will really find peace in the gospel.  She is amazing.
Breaking the Law... Whoops!
This week I also might have accidentally broken the law.  I didn't know though!  We were on splits and about 3 to 4 miles from home but we only had one bike.  One of the members had lent a bike to the missionaries but they needed it back and so we were stuck with one bike and needing to get home.  So... we just both rode on one bike.  Yes, it took a lot of talent but we made it and nearly died laughing the whole way!  It was the funniest experience ever.... I will admit at the end I was exhausted!   And then, when we got there, a member told us it was illegal.  Whoops!  We won't be doing that again soon, haha.
Incredible, Amazing Members
We haven't had anyone to teach at the moment but have really felt like we should really be working with members and trying to get them going on missionary work.  It has been amazing to see some of the members really get a more missionary mindset.  We have two families that really are thinking of ways they can introduce their friends to the church and setting up activities with the ward to get it started.  It is incredible.  We have one member who wants to do a culture night at the church and invite friends not only to do missionary work but to help the foreign members feel more included in the ward.  He has already talked to the branch president and has the branch president on board.  The members here really are changing.  It is incredible.  These members are amazing!

Thank you for all of your love and support! 

Sister Knapp

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