Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sharing Investigators

Turning 20 and still immature. :)
Losing Investigators
I really don't know where to begin with this week.  It has been a really LONG week and not much happened.  So sorry, this might be a pretty short letter.   It started out by us having to give our one really progressing investigator, Jari, to the elders after talking with our mission president and deciding that would be best.  Though it was really hard for us to lose him as an investigator, we know that the elders are going to do amazing and really help him progress to be baptized in the hopefully near future. :) After that a lot of our investigators ended up not wanting to meet with us anymore.  It was really rough but hopefully with the help from the Lord we will be able to find and teach those who the Lord has prepared to be baptized.
With Sister Nyman at our beach party
New Referrals
We did get a referral from the elders in Rovanemi for a Chinese girl who is staying here in Oulu!  We ended up giving her a call and invited her to a big party that we were having at the beach here in Oulu.  She came!!  She is so cute and so sweet.  It turns out that she is only here for a month and then is going to Rome for a month and then back to China.  So we don't have very long to teach her but we decided to invite her to a church tour anyway. It ended up going so well and she loved it!  It was so nice because she had actually read some of the Bible before and so she had a little background on Christ and prophets already. We also had a more recent convert from Vietnam, Luis, with us and he absolutely loved it too.  She was asking him so many questions and basically we just let him teach everything.  But by the end she really wanted to learn and study and come to know if it was true. She said one of the most sincere prayers I have ever heard in my life and it was amazing!!  We are hoping to meet with her and teach her as much as we can before we pass her to the missionaries in Rome.  She is so prepared and ready to learn! :)
Meeting People from Everywhere
With our French member, Camille--she has helped us so much!
So on Monday we had a big going away party for Camille who was going back home to France!  It was so sad and we miss her so much!   She was such a blessing to us and really helped us and the work here in Finland!  We are really going to miss her! I never thought I would meet so many people from all over the world!   France, Ireland, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Philippines, China, Vietnam, Thailand.... Etc.  It really is amazing!   
Finnish Wedding
Don't worry, it's not real wine!
We also got to go to a wedding this week for a member in our ward, Tanja!  It was so much fun to see all of the Finnish wedding traditions and was SO fancy. I felt so underdressed while I was there.  People literally where their best dress and this can mean prom dresses.  Crazy.  It was really good though and we are so happy for the both of them. I guess I will tell about some of their Finnish wedding traditions.  So, clearly it is super fancy.  They also have the tradition of cutting the cake together and the first person who stomps their foot when the knife hits the table becomes the "ruler of the the house".  (I don't know if they do this in weddings back home or not). They also have a funny tradition where the bride gets stolen and they make the groom do usually embarrassing things to show how badly he wants her back. It is way funny. The whole thing was a lot of fun though.  We of course only went for a short amount of time since the wedding went from 3:00 in the afternoon to 2:00 in the morning!  SO LONG!!!  I don't know how people do weddings for that long but clearly it is possible!! 

Other than that not too much happened this week!   Thank you for all of your love and support!  

Sister Knapp

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