Monday, July 28, 2014

When It Rains It Pours--Literally & Figuratively!

Meeting in the Rain
Sister Missionary Sleepover Nightmare. 

This week has been a rather exciting crazy week. I really have no idea where to even start!  The weather in Finland has been bipolar.  It goes from sunny and blazing hot to down right pouring rain in seconds. Plus, it has been so hot that you really can't sleep. So when you have splits with the sisters and decide to squish 4 girls into the same tiny room..... its a nightmare!  Anyway, on Monday we got caught in one of the biggest down pours I have ever been in on my mission. We were on our way to visit a potential investigator when we felt like we should head straight to a member's house, Sisar Inget.  We were on our way there and crossing a bridge completely drenched when what do you know.... Sister Nyman's bike chain falls off.  Not good timing.  So after finally fixing her bike we were off again when we ran into a guy with a towel over his hear walking with his bike.  I don't know where it came from but I just immediately told him that he was a smart man as we road past and he came running after us.  We ended up walking and talking with him for the next 20 minutes in this down pour and ended up setting up a return appointment.  By the time we were inside at the member's home we were SOAKED all the way through, squishy shoes and water just dripping everywhere.  I never thought I would reach a member's and the first thing that I would have to ask for is a towel.  But It really was inspired that we found the guy walking in the rain and it made it all worth it!  Though we didn't dare sit down anywhere we had a pretty amazing lesson with the member too. :) I must add the funniest part of going to this members house.  First off, she was shocked to see us so wet and said she had called us multiple times to tell us not to come... but we did!  So she was determined to help us.  She then offered us new socks and you better believe it, new bras! She is a little bit bigger of a lady and so we tried to tell her that we were fine and that probably wouldn't fit in them and she just told us not to worry because she had different sizes.  She then pulled out a big bin of bras and handed to both of us brand new bras in our size. haha oh my word the things that members give us.  I never thought for a second I would be receving a bra from a member. hahaha we died laughing over the whole experience. :D
Birthday Celebration
My birthday day was also really good! We got to go out to lunch with a missionary and his family who were visiting Finland and wanted to see us and see how the work was going in Oulu. Then,  I got the best surprise in the entire world! My one and only Gisel (a new convert that I knew in Espoo) came and visited me all the way up in Oulu from Helsinki!  It was the best surprise ever.  She is so wonderful and It really just made my entire birthday to see her!   We were going to have a movie night that night but for some reason the sound completely would not work on the TV or the computer.  It was a mess. But it worked out that we just played some games together.  A member there had prepared a lesson which we missionaries we all a little nervous about and worried that our investigators would feel like we tricked them there if we ended up having a full blown lesson.  The member assured us that it would be really short, but it ended up being an hour long lesson on the Law of Chasity!  But they actually enjoyed it, surprisingly!  I think the games at the end might have helped some, but it was still really good.  Stressful but fun. :)
Birthday Surprise--Giselle!!!
Dedicating Our Area
This week we also had some amazing miracles happen.  Everyone here is starting to catch the vision of what Finland is about it become and it is incredible.  Members are really starting to get a fire to do the work here and we absolutely are so excited for them.  We have been going to as many members as we can to help them to see this vision.  This past week we decided as a district that each of the companionships needed to go and dedicate themselves and their area to the work and the Lord.  So my companion and I did.  Most of the companionship that I know of got a ton of mosquito bites as we went and prayed somewhere to dedicate our area, but it has really changed the work.  Later that evening we really felt like we should stop by a member in our ward.  We even there to teach her but before we knew it we were talking about the vision for Oulu and for Finland and she was crying.  Then she started writing down 6 names of people who she wanted us to work with and that we could invite to church and teach.  It was amazing and one of the most powerful exciting moments of my mission! 
More Pouring Out of Miracles
We also had the biggest miracle of all.  There is a non-member that comes to church every week and has been coming to church for over a year and knows everything but has not yet been baptized.  It was amazing because at Sacrament Meeting at church one of the elders felt like they should invite them to be baptized this Saturday and so he did. His name is Manish.  And Manish agreed to be baptized!!!   We are so excited!  He is closest to us so we will be helping him prepare this week to be baptized.  We have three baptisms this Saturday here in Oulu.  It is amazing!  The Lord really is working miracles and hastening His work.  All we need to do is trust in Him and let him work through us! 

Thank you for all of you love and support. 

Sister Knapp

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