Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Where Does The Time Go?

This was an alright week.  Finland is getting darker and colder and as a result of it, I am ALWAYS tired.  It is now getting light around 9:00 and dark around 3:30 and it is just going to get darker.  I just really hope that it snows again soon.  I love the snow!  It makes everything brighter and happier. Plus, it feels more like Christmas which is just around the corner!  Where does the time go? 
Finnish Thanksgiving
Fixing Thanksgiving dinner
To be honest, I don't really know what to say about this week..... Not all that much happened. Thanksgiving was really good. Since no one celebrates Thanksgiving in Finland (I know.... Weird ;) ) we created a celebration ourselves. We invited Mac and Fai and one of Sister Raphael's former companions who is practically Finnish and is home for medical things. She came and brought 2 friends and Fai brought her 9 year-old little sister who is just SO cute!  I think she is finally warming up to us too. The dinner turned out pretty good and we shared a thought on things we were grateful for and then wrote "thank you " letters to those that we could send to people. Fai's little sister, Anu, ended up giving us a thank you letter and it was so cute. 
With Sister Raphael
Teaching Without Moving
On Sunday, we got to go and visit Fai and her family to teach her step-dad. It went pretty well, though he was a little hard, but he is willing to meet with us and to try again. He has met with a lot of missionaries. We then got to teach her little sister how to pray and gave her a Book of Mormon. It was so cute and she was way more willing to talk with us. We are now starting to teach her and we have another lesson with her this coming Tuesday. We are super excited! Then, since Mac lives there too, he came out and we got to teach him as well. Mac is still doing good and is always willing to meet with us and come do missionary work with us. We may have dragged him around for a few hours just dropping off invites to less-actives for the children's program at church....  It was really fun for us to have someone along (not sure how much fun he had though..).  I have to admit that it was really probably the highlight of my week going to Fai's and just having to sit on the couch while everyone just rotated through so we could teach them.  I was SO tired so it just made things a lot easier and was actually kind of fun. It doesn't happen very often where you get to teach three people and stay seated in the same spot for 2 hours. :)  
Internet photo of a Racoon Dog
Racoon Dog & White Elephant
Sister Raphael's highlight of the week was seeing a Raccoon Dog. haha. We saw this guy that was taking a ton of pictures of it in the dark so she asked what he was doing and we found out he was taking pictures of a Raccoon Dog which apparently is super, super rare. So I guess that was a pretty cool thing that happened. Oh yeah!  This week we also had a Relief Society Christmas party where we played White Elephant.  hat is apparently is not a familiar thing in Finland. When the Relief Society President explained it everyone was so excited and it was clear that most of them had never heard about it before.  It was really fun though.  Let's just say that I must be good at unwrapping gifts because 4 of the things that I picked got stolen from me and no one else really got anything stolen from them, haha, but really I didn't care much. It was fun anyway. :)  Well, I am sorry that this is a pretty lame email. Not much happened this week. Our investigators, for the most part, are doing good.  T. was unable to meet with us all week but we are meeting with him tomorrow and other than that the rest dropped us. Kinda sad but we are just trying to find new people that the Lord has prepared and to start sharing the true meaning of Christmas!  

I love you all. Thanks for your love and support! 

Sister Knapp

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