Monday, December 8, 2014

Cookies For Everyone!

Wow. I am thinking about this week and I really do not know what to say about it.... It was a rough week but on the bright-side of things I have had way worse weeks then this one. :) 

Monday we got to go and help a family in the ward move.  They are moving to Dubai and so needed a lot of help to get things ready to leave. We planned on helping for 2 hours but the 2 hours turned into 4 hours and we had all 6 of us missionaries there helping, but they definitely couldn't have done it without our help and it felt really good to help them. They were super grateful for it. 
Chinese dinner with Sister Raphael, Fai and Mac
Tuesday we got to meet with Timo. That was a really sad lesson. He just doesn't feel ready to change and has too many questions and things that need taken care of so he has decided that he doesn't want to meet with us anymore. He did make some really good member friends so hopefully that will be a good thing for him and those members will stay in touch with him. Then we got to meet with Mac who took us and Fai out to dinner.  um!  Mac is the best. We then got to go and teach him a small lesson which turned into watching a lot of Mormon Messages but I think it was good for him. We also got to make cookies and Christmas cards with the Relief Society that morning which was a lot of fun. They just signed us up to be there and we made a TON of cookies. We had 25 plates worth and cards to take to less-actives in the ward and they expected us to take all of them to the people!  What?! Fortunately, after explaining that it would take us close to an hour to deliver each plate of cookies they were willing to help us and drive us around to deliver them. 
So,Wednesday, we got to deliver cookies!  I got to go on splits with Fai and Sister Raphael went with another member in the ward. After about 2-3 hours we had only delivered half of the plates of cookies. Most people Fai and I visited had moved or weren't home but Sister Raphael had a lot of success in getting in contact with some of these less-actives so that was a really good thing. Later that night we then had a lesson with Eila Ryyty who we have been working with for awhile now. She is doing so good. It is still really hard for her to come back to church since she has been away for so long but she has started to pray almost every day and to read the Book of Mormon almost everyday as well.  We are really excited for her and just hope we can get her coming back to church soon! :) 
Thursday was a normal planning day and then later that evening we got to teach Mac. That went really well. 
Friday we got to go and do service at a members house that really needed the help and her friend was there.  We were able to talk to her a little bit about what we believed and she seemed genuinely interested so hopefully we will possibly be able to start teaching her soon.  We then went and delivered even more cookies. 
Saturday we taught our Chinese investigator Wu Keer. She is so sweet and so cute but we have to teach super slow and super simply so that she can understand. This week we talked to her about being baptized and committed her to being baptized when she knows that this church is true. She agreed to it but doesn't have a date yet!  She also is now willing to meet with us more than once a week so that is a good thing and hopefully we can really help her start to progress towards being baptized!  We then taught Mac again at a new member's house that he hasn't met before. We still really want him to be able to meet the members but it is hard to find members that he doesn't know that we know. We might need to start working outside of the box! But It was a really good lesson and something that we felt the family really needed, maybe even more than Mac. They are the sweetest family and one of my favorites in the ward. They have just been having a lot of struggles so we are trying to find ways that we can really help and strengthen them. 
Practicing for the ward Christmas party
Sunday was a good day except for being sick. So all in all it was a pretty good week. Thanks for all of your love and support! 

Sister Knapp

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