Monday, November 24, 2014

Things Are So Much Brighter


Snow Selfie
I have to admit that I really have no idea what to write about this week. I can barely remember yesterday let alone last Monday! So I think this week I will mostly just talk about the people that we have been teaching. 

Our Investigators
With my companion, Sister Raphael
Piret its great and we absolutely love her but sadly, this week she asked for some time to think and be on her own. We weren't surprised by it at all and we thought it was something that she might need. Its hard when she has been trying to learn about God and coming closer to him all on her own and her family doesn't support her at all. But she told us that we could come back in a couple of months and see how she is doing and see then if she wants to continue learning again. Other than that we are just hoping to see her at random times to wish her "Happy Birthday" and things like that. She is so funny and has the cutest little family. Hopefully over the next couple of months she we see more how much she really does want to have God in her life and that He can bless her and her family!  Timo is doing well.  He admitted this week that he does believe that the Book of Mormon is true and that is why he has such a hard time reading it or praying about it.  He knows that once he gets an answer that it is true that he needs to be baptized and that seems to really scare him.  We had another lesson set up with him during the week but for the first time he canceled on us!  He didn't say why just that he couldn't come. He did come to church on Sunday and loved the talks that he heard. Sadly, he did warn us that he might not want to be learning anymore but that he will decide and talk to us about it on Wednesday when we meet with him and his really good member friend that day. Keep him in your prayers!!  We also taught a few new people that we are really excited about. One of our investigators that went to China for 2 months is back so we are finally able to meet with her again and that is exciting. We just have to explain things a lot and in a million different ways to make sure that she understands, but she sad an amazing prayer at the end and wants to keep meeting with us!  She has even introduced her friend to the Book of Mormon and we are hoping that we can meet with her friend soon and start teaching her! 

Building a snowmen with Sister Raphael...
Praying for Snow
Of course, this week we saw Mac a lot!  He is really is the best and basically the high light of most weeks. It was so funny, I really have been wanting snow ever since it decided to get dark all day long but Mac really doesn't like the snow.  But then he told us that he was going to be going out of town this weekend unless it snowed and he couldn't drive. So jokingly, I clasped my hands together pretending to pray, "Please snow! Please snow! Please Snow!" You will never believe it!  Not even 5 minutes later it was snowing and it snowed the rest of the day!  It pretty much made my whole day. I love the snow!  It makes things so much brighter! (That was on Friday).) 
Temple Work & Tour
Saturday we went to the temple with Mac. Mac did baptisms and we did a session. It was so nice to finally be able to go back through the temple.  I could also understand so much more in Finnish too so that was cool.  I may not speak as well as most or as well as I wish I could but at least I can understand a TON better now. :)  Mac waited with us for a LONG time after for our investigator to get to the temple so that we could give her a temple tour. It went really well and Mac was so good at teaching. He is really a natural at it! Then Sunday came around and Mac left us!  Lame.  He had fun though and we saw him later that night and he watched us build a snowman... apparently, Asians don't build snowmen.  I think we are going to have to change that! :) 

All in all it was a pretty good week. I really wish there was more to say about it! Thanks for all the love and support! 


Sisar Knapp
Isn't Finland beautiful?!

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