Tuesday, November 4, 2014

And On We Go

Longest Week
This week I think has been by far the longest week of my entire mission and I have absolutely no idea why. It wasn't that we weren't busy or too busy or that the week was bad or super great. It was just SO long! The beginning of the week was a little bit crazy trying to get everything ready for Sister Dixon to go. It was such a fun change with here and I loved having the chance to serve with her. She left Tuesday afternoon which left the perfect amount of time to go and say goodbye to one of our investigators that we got from the Elders. I have to say that one of the nice things about being the only one staying here in Marjaniemi is that all of the missionaries want to give you their investigators. So that is kind of fun. We have started to teach Piret from Estonia who the AP's where originally teaching but she was always wanting and begging for sisters. She is so funny and has the cutest daughter ever. Her and Sister Dixon just really connected so she was really sad to see her go but is happy that she will finally get to have sisters teaching her. We are excited about her and really think that we can help her to progress. After having Sister Dixon say her goodbyes we headed to the train station to find a huge group of missionaries all dropping of their companions.  I got to see Sister Ladd and Pugmire before they went home and that was so much fun. They are amazing sisters and I am going to miss them. It is weird having so many missionaries that I now know really well going home. I can't believe it! 
With my new companion, Sister Raphael who 'dies' after this transfer

It's Going to Be a Great Transfer!
I am now with Sister Raphael who is incredible and so on fire to do missionary work and have the best last change of her mission. It is pretty exciting. The past week we have started speaking more and more in Finnish which is going to be so good for me and my language.  We have been trying to speak Finnish anytime we are outside, which is most of the day, and it has been really good for my Finnish and helps me to practice even more the things that I had been studying that day. It is going to be a really good change and we are going to have a ton of fun and see a lot of miracles and have a Rockin' Christmas (that is what we decided. haha.)  
"Inspirational Texts"
This week we also had the chance to teach Timo. It was a really good lesson and he finally really committed to come to church.  He is really wanting to learn so much about the church its just a matter of helping him get it into his heart.  We were super excited that he was coming to church but then he texted us Saturday saying that he couldn't come. I  got a little frustrated and texted back telling him that he had promised us that he would come and that even if it was hard he had to do it.  Guess what?!  He texted back telling us that we had given him a spiritual boost and that he would be there.  And he came!!  We were so excited, and he even stayed for all 3 hours and I think really enjoyed it!  One of the members that we usually take to lessons got so excited that she ended up getting up and bearing her testimony to him.... Uhhhh... It was good.  I think he felt welcomed. :)  
Amazing Mac
Mac is also doing super well. We were a little worried about him last week because he seemed to be a little down, and was a little when he found out that Sister Dixon was leaving, but he is now doing fine and actually really good.  He is incredible and honestly one of my best friends here in Finland. He is so willing to help us and is a huge encouragement to us when it comes to talking to people on the Metro. He is always just helping us out with lessons and everything under the sun.  He is pretty incredible. We are also working with a lot of less-actives and they are doing really well. We are really starting to see some of them progressing to coming back to church and we are so excited for them!  

Sorry, I can't really remember much more of what happened this week!  Thanks for all of your love and support! 

P.S...Cool Thing
Home of first president of Finland
(now a church member's home)
Oh yeah!  One cool thing is that there is a member in our ward that actually lives in the house that the first president of Finland lived in.  So that is pretty cool.  We got to go and visit there so I have officially been in the first president of Finland's house like 4 times.  Not many missionaries get to say that! :) 

Sister Knapp 

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