Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Thank My Lucky Stars!

He Was Hooked
With Sister Seegmiller
This past week was such a good week!  It was so busy and we have seen a lot of miracles this week. We have been going through our area book a ton the past couple of weeks and as we have been doing that we have been able to see a lot of success in finding. It has been really amazing to see. Then on top of finding from the area book we have been able to find from those people!  This week we had a lesson with an African man from Nigeria who we had called and he was willing to meet with missionaries again. We had a lesson with him and it went alright but his friend was there, Tochukwu and was hooked to what we were saying. It was amazing. He had so many questions and really liked what we had to say. He then stared asking us, "Is your church in Finland? Where? What time? Can I come? Can I get a ride?"  It was so cool. We are now teaching this friend who also came to church this week. That was pretty miraculous. We had been having a really rough day too and this guy really was just a tender mercy. 
She's Back
This week were were also able to get in touch with a previous investigator that I have already taught. She is from China, Wu Keer, and is so sweet. The only reason she stopped meeting with us is because she had to prepare for a Finnish exam to try and get a longer visa here in Finland. Understandable. But when we called her she was really excited to hear from us and really wanted to meet with us again. Apparently her friend in Espoo is taking the lessons from the missionaries and invited her to join but she told her friend that she belonged here with us. Sweet!  We are really excited to be able to start teaching her again and she has a lot more time so hopefully now she will be able to progress and meet more.  
Stubborn & Sassy 
Fai's family continues to do ok. We don't want to give up on Anu since she did really want to be baptized at one point but then her dad wouldn't and won't let her yet. So we want to at least help her to learn more about the church and be a good influence in her life while she is growing up. She is so stubborn and sassy and can be a little difficult to teach but I love her. Really, I just love this family so much and wish that they could all have the gospel in their lives. They are amazing. 
Lost in Translation
We were also able to meet with a couple of less-actives this past week.  We were able to meet with again with Eila Ryyty and it went well. Since we had not been able to meet with her in awhile she had stopped reading and praying again but has now committed to start doing that again and has put a reminder on her phone. We are really, really hoping that we can get her to start coming back to church again soon. This week we were also meeting with our less-active Lelieta from the Philippines. She is so sweet and she came to church this week!  She even got up and bore her testimony!  That was really exciting. The poor elder who had to try and translate for her. She says a million sentences and then expects him to translate. Also, he has only been in the country for 5 months... yeah.. the translation didn't go very well.  Later, Lelieta talked to me and told me that she really wanted me to translate for her but she couldn't find me.  All I could think was "Thank my lucky stars!"  I really do believe in miracles. :) 
With Sister Seegmiller and Elsayed
Great Crazy Sunday
Sunday was crazy. We had 3 people in church:  the African guy that we talked about, Elsayed who is the guy from Egypt, and also our Filipino investigator, Nilma, who is friends with Lelieta It was super exciting but kind of stressful.  Elsayed is one of the most prepared people I have ever seen in my life.  He just moved to New Zealand today which is kind of sad but we are really excited for him to meet the missionaries there.  He has been doing everything humanly possible to make sure that he can find the missionaries there.  He already knows the church is true and really wants to be baptized.  He was so grateful that he had met us and told us that he was never going to forget us.  It was super sweet.  Our Filipino investigator is really amazing too.  After Lelieta got up and bore her testimony then our investigator Nilma did too!  I have never had that happen before! Our investigator bore her testimony in sacrament meeting and it was the first time she was at church!!  She is so amazing.  We absolutely love her. She was so sweet and just kept thanking everyone and us for teaching her. Super cool. This then made Elsayed want to get up and bare his testimony.... What?!  Unfortunately, time had run out and we were already 15 minutes over so he couldn't.  It was kind of sad. Over all, it was an amazing week though.  We saw so many miracles and had so much help from the ward and it was amazing!  

The work is going forward. Thanks for all of the love and support!  

Sisar Knapp


  1. Hello Sisar Knapp! You must be shocked to hear from me so close to your coming home. You have commented on how quickly your mission seems to have gone by, and I have to agree. I've enjoyed reading your blog, looking at your beautiful photos and watching your love of place and people deepen.
    You looked Finnish before you left and now you are Finnish! What an amazing experience you've had. You will never, ever forget it. I can't even begin to imagine how many people your aren't even aware of, whose lives have been forever altered in the very best way because your paths have crossed. The ripple effect goes on and on and on. My heart hurts just a bit for you, because I remember the leaving part of my mission and the many conflicting emotions swirling in my sleeping and waking thoughts. You have inspired all of us. I hope your remaining days will be filled with Heavenly Father's sweet Spirit, confirming to you that you have served well, are so loved and that your impact has/is/and will continue to be felt for ever.