Monday, September 29, 2014

Friends in the Gospel

I love Sister Dixon!
This week was painfully hard but still we got to see so many miracles.  I think it will be easiest just to take it day by day:
Monday--A New Healthy Us!
P-day! The highlight of the day was that we started a diet! Sister Dixon and I are basically the same person in every way including our body types and we both want to lose some weight, so we are! And we're really committed. It's exciting. So we got up and went running and then bought a ridiculous amount of healthy food, which included no carbs. All week we were able to eat healthy (We did have 1 day where we caved and ate something that a member forced on us) and we actually ran for 5 out of the 6 days--we don't run on Sunday- and we ate so healthy. Haha. We have lots of encouragement. Out investigator M. just barely sent us this poem:

Its time to go outside and run. Thats how Mormon sisters have fun!

Tuesday--Black Hole
Kind of a black Hole day. I don't even know what happened. Not a very good day.

Wednesday--The Sign 
We had district meeting. Then we met with our new investigator Timo. He's kind of an older guy and has been studying a ton of different churches for years. But he says that for some reason this one feels different. He also feels like he got a sign from God that this could be it. He went into the library and went over to the free book section. He looked down and found a Brigham Young teaching manual, haha.  He came to the church with a picture of it and was really excited to learn about everything! He brings up the picture in every single lesson and how it is a sign from God! Super sweet :) With Mac, that I told you about last week, we went over the baptismal interview questions with him. He's super close, but still has a few things that he really needs to work on. Please, please remember to keep praying for him! Pray that General Conference will be a really good experience for him. Right now he is 100 percent planning on being baptized. But honestly, if we don't clear up a few of his concerns we're not going to be able to let him. We do have faith that it's going to happen, but pray pray pray!!! 
Thursday--Bold Moves
We had a wonderful lesson with Katja in the morning. Despite the fact that she has a really hard time coming to church, she is a wonderful investigator. We did a lesson about how we really can keep the commandments even when they are hard and she promised again to come to church. I felt strongly that we needed to tell her that Sunday morning our phone would be turned off, so even if she cancelled, we would be on her doorstep to come get her. Haha, too bold? No! It worked! It was done with lots of love :) Then we had a great weekly planning session! 
Friday--And That's When Our Diet Failed
We were able to teach the 7 year old, Aaron, who is preparing to get baptized again. We made him some steps of repentance and then found a little guy from the Liahona that we laminated, so he had someone to walk up the steps with. Fun lesson :) Afterwards the member brought us out the BIGGEST ice cream tower I've ever seen. And at the top there was a whole piece of pie, then there was whipped cream all over the top.... That's when our diet failed. It was too hard to say no, when they had already dished it up. It was so much sugar that I felt like I was going to die.  And half way in between they brought out more whipped cream and put it on!  I think it was enough to make me never crave sugar again.  At least for a long time!  Haha, later Sister Dixon asked our BML (as a joke) if he could tell the ward to stop giving us sugar. And sure enough he came into Relief Society on Sunday and made an announcement that the missionaries are more energetic and better able to do the Lord's work if we are fed healthily. Super awesome! We also went over to another member's house and right as we came her less active mother came too. We were finally able to meet her and then share a message that seemed to strengthen them both.
Saturday--Friends in the Gospel
In the morning we went to a baptism in Haaga with Mac so he could see what it was like. It was a really good experience for him. Everyone was so friendly and he made tons of friends. After the baptism we had an impromptu lesson that was so good! His new friend bore the best tesimony ever and Mac almost cried. After we left we found out that Mac stayed at the chapel for another hour talking to a recent convert who bore her testimony with him. :) Then we had another lesson with Timo. It was great. He's super duper excited to see the living prophet at conference. 

Sunday--Advertising General Conference
Katja and Mac came to church and it was a great testimony meeting. After church we made healthy meatloaf. But we didn't have a bread pan, so I called the Elders and told them that if they brought us a bread pan we would return it to them with half a meat loaf in it. They liked that. We didn't have any plans for the night so we went out with some General Conference fliers and started teaching the world. Super fun. We found a ton of great potentials. It was honestly a miracle evening.  We had had a pretty rough start in the week and we needed to be able to meet and teach a lot of people to reach our goals but after praying and going out to do our best to talk to everyone we reached them!  It was amazing and really a blessing.  

The Gospel is true. I love it.  It really is what gets me through each and every day and I don't know what I would do without it.  Thanks for all the love and support. 

Sister Knapp

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