Saturday, September 27, 2014

How Not to Mess it Up


Sisters Dixon and Knapp, who actually look like real sisters!
Follow the Spirit
This week was a pretty long one.  I honestly can't remember that much of it or what really happened. Mac, who is preparing to be baptized in a few weeks, is doing amazing.  He is so solid on being baptized and we are so excited for him.  The only thing is that we are both terrified that we are going to mess it up!  But, we are trying to learn and understand more so we really are doing our best to follow the Spirit so that we won't be able to mess it up.  It was just pretty scary this week after a lesson. We had just finished teaching him a lesson and got caught up in a discussion outside where we got so frustrated that he wasn't really understanding and it ended up getting pretty heated.  We felt terrible afterwards.  The Spirit wasn't there at all and we completely thought that we had just messed everything up.  So we texted him apologizing and he sent us the nicest text in return.  He told us that God had sent us to him and how grateful for us he was, that he has sent the perfect people to teach him and help him come to understand more about God.  He is doing great and is going to be so ready to be baptized.  We really can't wait. It is going to bless and change his life.  
We Saved a Bird!
I really don't have too much to say about the week... But we saved a bird! The most rewarding part of the day was actually was saving a little bird that got stuck on our patio. We have glass up and everything but the little bird climbed through the rain hole and then couldn't figure out how to get out. So he kept flying right into the glass. Poor little guy. It sounded like it hurt. So I went over and was trying to open the windows so he could get out. But then he smacked right into the window that I hadn't opened yet and fell on the ground and was twitching. It was so sad. We both thought he was just going to die on our balcony. But then after 5 or so minutes he got up and flew out! We saved a life! We included one saved bird in our numbers this week. How rewarding!
Helping the Elders
We also went to the Elder's area a lot this week and tried to contact all of the women recent converts of the past three years for them because they have no time for anything. It was pretty sad though. Two people looked through their peep holes and then slammed the door hard so that we could hear... So sad. Then two others were not home. We talked to some cool Muslim guys though. They were really nice! We also went out to Vuosaari to try and see a less active. But her door was locked. So we went on a walk and met a couple cool people instead. But then a miracle happened. She came to church on Sunday! She came up and hugged us and then said that she saw us outside her apartment. She was really busy so she didn't come say hi. But that we should come by another time. Miracles are happening!
It's getting dark again--this is about 8:00 pm

It still was a pretty good week despite being kinda sick and super tired we were still able to see some miracles. Sorry this is so short! I will write more next week! :) 

Sister Knapp

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