Monday, May 5, 2014

Most Discouraging and Best Week of My Mission

Moikka Kaikkille!!! 

Well, I have to say that this week has definitely been one of the most discouraging weeks of my mission but also one of the best weeks of my mission. :)  I don't know if that really is possible but it seems like it anyway. This week we basically lost all of our investigators due to being dropped, them leaving the country, or having to put them into the hands of the Lord (drop) ourselves.  I think we went from having like 12 investigators to 2 in about 2 days.  Yeah it was crazy, and naturally it was really discouraging.  But then after lots of prayer, we really decided to turn to the Lord and put our trust in Him.  We are really wanting to turn our area into an area that is a baptizing area and not a teaching area. Though it is going to take a lot of work it really is worth it.  We have some investigators, Antti and Paivi, who have struggles with tobacco, alcohol, and coffee.  It is the hardest thing ever for them to even go like an hour without smoking and a day without drinking.  But as we teach them it has been amazing to see him change!!  One of our investigators even showered and dressed up nicer for when we came, calls us ahead of time to know what to read, and meets with us regularly.  He is trying his best to not drink so that he can come to church and really it is amazing to see him change and try.  I can't even explain what it is like to see the light of the gospel changing someone's life.  It really is miraculous.  I love being a missionary.   

On an island of Oulu at about 9:30 pm
The Promise of the Area Book
So to get started on turning our area into a baptizing area we have really been trying to find good former investigators that we can go and visit.  We have an area book promise that there is at least one person in your area book that is prepared to be baptized.  We just have to find them.  So we have been praying and going to see these formers.  It gives us somewhere to go when we have a blank day scenario.  It has actually been working so well!  One lady we went and met with and she immediately let us right in! Her name is Raija.  This really doesn't happen that often.  So we got to talk with her and set up a new appointment.  Another former investigator we found out had moved but we actually are now teaching his roommate.  It is really amazing to see that as we talk to everyone on our way to where ever we are going we can find those that we need to teach and who the Lord has prepared.  
With Sister Nyman who I love so much!
The Best, Most Fun, Hard, Crazy Experience of My Life
This week I really realized just how much I love being a missionary and how much I love my mission.  My companion and I  literally every night talk about how much we love our mission and how far we have come from the MTC. Really, I can't imagine my life without a mission now.  I am so grateful for my mission.  It really is the BEST thing in the entire world and I would not give it up for anything. So for anyone who is ever questioning whether or not they should go on a mission.  The answer is YES!! It is going to be the hardest thing that you ever do--and really I don't think anyone realizes just how hard it will be before they leave--and it will test you in every way possible.  But it will change you life forever! You will come to love people more than you think possible, you will feel the Savior's love for you stronger than you can imagine.  It really is the best, most fun, hard, crazy experience of my life and I am so grateful that I will always be grateful for the experience that I have here in Finland.  I love this Gospel so much. I love being a Missionary!

Well, I love you all SO SO much.  Thank you for all the love and support!  

Sister Knapp

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