Monday, March 3, 2014

You Have to Face the Sun!

Record Those Family History Stories!
This has been a rather crazy hard week.  But even though it was really hard, there was so many blessings that we got to see and it made it so much fun! One really fun thing that happen is that some Area of the Seventies came to teach us all about family history work!  That was one of the most amazing thing ever!  We got to take our recent converts Hai and Gezelle to the devotional they had in Helsinki and it was absolutely the most motivating devotional that I have ever been to.  I am so excited to be able to do my family history when I get home. The decided to emphzise how Family History work is not Geneology work.  It is the stories about our family members that we pass on!  It just sounds so fun to me to be able to hear stories about my grandparents and parents and write a book with all of the stories.  They encouraged us all to go home and to ask a family member a story that they remember about their childhood or their parents and to record it and write it down!  So I would like to encourage all of you to do the same!  Record those family stories because how fun will it be for generations to come to hear all about your stories and what life was like for you or for your parents!
With Gizelle (center) and Hai (left) and his friends
You Look Like a Dead Chicken
We also got to see a lot of my wonderful one and only Gisel! I love her so much!  She loves to spoil us and make us soup and bring food to us all the time! I absolutely love her so much!  It was actually the funniest thing ever...there was one day this week that they sun was really shinning and she decided to visit us.  So we are sitting there talking and I am facing away from the sun and she finally grabs me and turns me towards the sun and says, "You have to face the sun Sisar!  You look like a dead chicken!". hahaha  So I guess that is what happens when you live in Finland in the winter! You become SO SO white from not seeing the sun that you look like a dead chicken!  So let's just all hope that the sun just starts to show itself a little bit more here! 
With Sister Egan, my new companion
Heartfelt Prayers
Saturday was super fun!  I got to go on an exchange with Sister Fronk!  I absolutely love her.  She is wonderful. So we started the day by helping a member clean her house because she had to move last minute and really needed a lot of help.  So we got to do that.  After that, we went to the church where we were going to meet with Gisel and Hai and make spring rolls and then end up teaching them all about  family history, when to our surprise Hai called us and told us that he was bringing 4 friends with him to help us make spring rolls!  Awesome!  Sister Fronk and I almost died laughing (inside) from shock when Hai walks in the church with these 4 beautiful Vietnamese girls, Whan, Thu, Tu, and Chang!! Our Hai, who claims that girls really don't like him, shows up with 4 beautiful girls!!!  It was the funniest thing ever and they were the cutest!  We ended up spending like 4 hours with them and gave them a church tour too!  They had so many questions about repentence and baptism which was amazing.  They also asked us if they could come back here whenever they wanted so they could feel peace.  It was amazing.  We then decided to close with a prayer of course and asked one of them to say it,  they all wanted to learn, so we all knelt in a circle and went around and each said a prayer.  They were the most sincerely heartfelt prayers I had ever heard. It is also so exciting because we are meeting with them all again on Friday and having a movie night and watching the full length restoration movie.  We are super excited and they are so cute!
Baptizing Asia in Finland
With Sister Vincent, whom I met before we both reported to the MTC
Speaking of Vietnamese girls, we also had a really cool experience with a Vietnamese girl, Thu, that we had met a couple of months ago and invited to an activity but she couldn't come.  Well, last night she ended up texting us because she has really been struggling being in Finland and felt like we could help and asked if we had any activities going on! Yes!!  It was so cool!  So I got to call and talk to her and we are actually taking her to family home evening in Helsinki with us tonight and we are so excited!  It should be so much fun!  And she is the cutest!  So we now have a lot of Chinese and Vietnamese Investigators!  Looks like we are going to be baptizing Asia in Finland.... Who knew!? 

Well, Thank you for all of your prayers and support! I love you all! The church is true! 

Sister Knapp

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