Monday, March 31, 2014

Finding the "One a Day"

With Sister Vincent

Zone on boat to Suonmelinna Island
Well, not much really happened this week unfortunately.  We had so many lessons fall through, which was really discouraging but we had a lot of positive things happen that picked us up too!  We got to meet with our Chinese investigator who is just absolutely wonderful and really wants to learn.  I absolutely adore teaching her and she is so willing.  It definitely has been a bit of a struggle with the language barrier of course and we spend a lot of time on google translate so that we can get our points across.  Let's just say that we have to take it REALLY slow but it is so much fun and she is the sweetest person ever.  The worst was that the first time we came she offered us Green tea that she had made but we couldn't have it, of course, and tried to explain that to her.  She also explained to us the Chinese culture behind the offering of tea, etc.  After explaining why we couldn't drink it we thought she understood, but when we came back she actually told us that she didn't know why we didn't drink it and then looked it up online and found out why and she felt SO bad!  Oh my goodness.  Then we felt SO bad because we thought she had understood but she hadn't. But it all worked out anyway and she is wonderful! 
On the boat out to the island (sent by Sister Vincent!)
Last week we also got to go to Suomenlinna for our P-day!  It was absolutely the funnest thing that I have gotten to do on my mission so far!  It is a fortress out on an island.  So a big group of us got to travel out there and take pictures and explore the island.   I absolutely loved it.  It was beautiful and I can't even imagine what it is like in the summer!  It was kinda sad that all the museums were closed but we are hoping to be able to go there again.  So I suggest that anyone who comes to Finland must go to Suomenlinna because you would love it!  I will send out a ton of picutures later because I forgot my camera card today.  Ooops.  But it was so much fun!!  

Sähly & Badminton;  The Universal Language of Sports
I also got to play sähly this week!  Sähly is honestly probably my favorite sport in the world.  It is so much fun!  So we recently started this sports hour every Saturday with the ward so they can invite friends and we can get to know them.  It was awesome because Hai ended up inviting 5 of his friends and it was SO much fun!  I think that badminton must be an Asian sport because that is what they all wanted to play.  So we played that and had sähly going on too and just switched around doing the two sports.  It was absolutely a blast and we were able to get to know Hai's friends more and they are coming next week too.  We are hoping that they will open up more to missionaries because right now they aren't really but they seem so like us so hopefully that can change soon and we will be able to teach them!

Train Teaching
We also had a really cool thing happen.   We are really trying to find the "one a day,"  or one person a day that we were meant to talk to.  So an amazing thing happened.  We were traveling to a less-active Chinese party and I mixed up the train times.... whoops.  So we got on the wrong train but guess who got on with us?!  Our investigator!   So we got to talk to him and talk to him about Conference and now he is going to be coming with us this weekend!  We are so excited!  Trains really must be the place to meet people because another time we got on and it was completely packed and there was only one place for us to sit.  So we must have been meant to talk to them because we both sat down and my companion started talking to the lady next to her and the lady next to me started joining in and soon all 4 of us were just talking and laughing and it was so much fun.  They were amazing and we got to talk to them for 15 minutes on the trains. 

It was actually a pretty good week.  Thanks for all of your prayers and support! Mä Rakastan Teitä! 

Sisar Knapp

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