Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bearing Sweet Testimony

When Hayley left the MTC she rode the train from Provo to Salt Lake City.  We knew what time she was leaving the MTC but didn't know if she was going by bus (that is what she thought) or train or which train she would be on.  In fact, her 4:30 departure time led us to believe that she would be leaving Provo earlier than she did.  Her sister, Kara, has been riding the train to Murray for an internship for several weeks and we wondered if they might end up on the same train.  Kara says that she prayed the night before that whatever was right would happen.  Sure enough, they were on the same train and got to visit for 45 minutes during which Kara took this video of Hayley bearing her testimony in Finnish.
We were also able to talk to Hayley from the airport a couple of hours later who reported that she was having a very difficult time leaving and praying that Kara might end up on her train.  She was anxiously looking out the window when Kara boarded behind her only to be nudged by her companion when Kara entered the train.  Hayley turned around and saw Kara, burst into tears and ran to hug her.  What a sweet, tender blessing that they will both remember for a lifetime.
We had a wonderful conversation and painfully said goodbye as she left Chicago headed for London and then Helsinki.  She was happy and excited.  We received the following email this morning:

Hey Mom, 

We get to email home to let you know that we made it safe and sound and that everything is alright!  I don't know where I will be serving yet because we actually don't find out until tomorrowmorning. I have already had my interview which went well I think and Finland is beautiful.  Well I miss you and everyone! I will write you next week on p-day and let you know where I will be serving.  Thank you for all that you do for me.  I couldn't have asked for a better family.  I love you!  Talk to you soon! 

With her mission president and his wife shortly after arriving in Finland

And so the waiting for the next contact begins...
So proud of this girl and even though we miss her like crazy we are so excited for all that lies ahead for her in the next 16 months!

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