Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Being Called An Angel


Praying While Biking
This week I think I am more going to just write about one cool experience we had and then tell about the culture of Finland or what the summer here is like anyway, because I can't actually remember what has happened this week! :) But this week I learned again how important it is to pray always.  This has been something that our mission president has really been focusing on with us to really take our mission to where it needs to be so that we can find those that the Lord has prepared.  So after we got out of an appointment this week and were on our way home, we decided that we were going to talk to two people and that one of these two people would be a new investigator.  The first person that we talked to didn't lead to much of anything and really had a hard time transitioning from a music concert to anything religious.  It was kinda awkward.  So we kept biking and I just started praying my heart out that we would find someone and that the Lord would lead us to the person that we really needed to talk to.  As soon as I started doing that, Sister Nyman stopped and started talking to this girl sitting on a bench waiting for her husband.  She was from Thailand and so cute.  We got to talk to her all about God and how much it means to us and can mean to her and then invited her to a church tour and she said yes!  We are meeting with her this week :) 
The Land of the Midnight Sun
Finland is just beautiful!  It really is so green and there are trees are everywhere.  Sometimes I honestly feel like I am camping.  It is beautiful here and I love it because we bike everywhere and get to bike on trails through forests and I love it. There is also a huge difference in the people here this time of year.  In the winter no one is ever outside, everyone keeps really to themselves, and it is dark all the time, so that is probably not surprising.  The summer is a complete 180.  It is sunny all of the time! The sun is seriously still up at midnight!  (I only know this because a member took a picture for me) :).  Everyone is outside and the streets are so crowded and the people are so much happier.  I am still debating if it is because they are drunk or not.  With the summer I feel like more and more people are out drinking with their friends so naturally we talk to a lot of drunks, haha.  They usually really like us though so that is good!  I have never been called an angel so many times as we have by drunk people. :)  It is way hard because everyone goes on vacation and Finns go on the longest vacations.  It is usually a month long visiting families and staying in their cabins.  Crazy.  So we are hoping that we can keep everything going.  Sadly, Sofia with a baptismal date this month is going to Norway for a couple of weeks.  But hopefully when she gets back she will still be baptized July 12th!  Keep her in your prayers!
Good Finnish Food
I guess, I can also tell about what Finns like to eat, which is mostly bread, cheese, and potatoes.  Almost every time I go to a dinner appointment we have potatoes and we for sure always have rye bread and cheese.  Then a lot of pastries and desserts.  They always have really good bakery goods everywhere.  I love it.  Finland has some way good food! :)

Anyway, thank you for all of your love and support! 
Sister Knapp

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