Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Change Calls: My First Actual Change


Well, this has been a pretty fun week!  And really I think the best would be to start will what happened each day and explain it that way because then hopefully I can remember it all. :)
What Missionaries Do For Fun
Monday after discovering that we were not supposed to be back in Espoo, we made a quick rush back to the apartment in Helsinki before President would even know.  It was pretty smooth of us I must say and then we finally had more clothes and things to keep ourselves busy while we were hanging out inside all day!  And that is basically all that we did! I read more of the Book of Mormon and got all the way to Mosiah in just a short few days!  It was the best and really actually a ton of fun!  Yes, that is kinda what we missionaries do for "fun"! Just kidding, we do a lot of other fun things like throw snowballs at each other, lose things on trains and call other missionaries further down the line to run out and grab stuff, run for trains and buses... and miss them.... and a ton more. :)  I'll explain later.
Last district meeting with this group 
Missionary All Nighter! 
Tuesday was fun.  We got to go to district meeting back in Espoo.  We tried to ask President Rawlings if it was alright for us to go but he didn't answer so... we just went anyway!  We love our district and we knew that it was going to be one of the last times that we would get to be with them.  But then there was that awkward moment when we discovered that our mission president was there giving interviews and was really surprised to see us.... oops! haha  We both got to get interviews and he told me what the doctor had said about Sister Fronk and the results!  So really she is having seizures and isn't actually passing out.  They just need to do another EEG scan when she is sleep deprived and then get some medicine and she will be fine!  That is a relief!   I am really excited for her to be better.  So tonight we get to stay up all night for her EEG!  So I get to pull an all nighter and keep her up all night on a mission with permission!!  :) SWEET!!! It is going to be really fun!  Plus, it is our last night as companions.
The Three Finger Hold
Anyway (back to Tuesday) after district meeting we had to go back to our apartment in Kilo because Sister Fronk couldn't make it to the train station, so the Lohja elders ended up driving us to our apartment.  Elder Hunter finally realized that something was wrong with Sister Fronk and kept looking back at her and asking if she was ok. I kept having to tell him to keep his eyes on the road because he was driving! I don't know how he had just noticed because she had a big seizure right in front of him!  Oh Elder Hunter! haha  But then when we got to the apartment, I was carrying all of her stuff and she was trying to stand up outside the car but was falling forward. So Elder Waite was trying to hold her up with three fingers, because he's an elder and she is a sister...but she was going to fall on her face!  So I had to tell him that he had permission to touch her--not sure what good permission from me does--but it worked!  Actually, better than I thought because he ended up bending down and picking her up and carrying her into the apartment where he plopped her on the couch, completely out of it, and then left!  Haha it was pretty funny. Sister Fronk was so upset about it later! But she needed help, so I feel fine about it!  It was just embarrassing I guess... haha.  Then later we went to the temple and taught a less active family, which was really amazing!  Then we went back to Neitsytpolku (Helsinki).  
Exchange with Sisar Ross
Exchange with my MTC Companion
Wednesday I got to go on exchanges with Sister Ross and Sister Gasser!  It was really fun to be able to see my MTC companion again! I love her so much! Plus I got to hear all about her mission so far and the work that they have been doing and everything. And I got to experience some miracles with them! They had this potential investigator who just wanted a CD of the Tabernacle Chior and so they took her the CD  and she ended up letting us in.  We were able to teach the first lesson and she asked for a Book of Mormon and told us that we could come back the following week!  So that was really cool to see. We also went to a less active's home and her son is actually not a member and usually doesn't come out to listen to anything, but he came out and listened to the whole lesson and joined in on the prayer and everything!  It was really cool to see that!  
Giving out Valentine's cookies with Sister Fronk
Train Difficulties & Miracles
Thursday I was back with Sister Fronk and we ended up going back to Espoo because both her and I really missed it and knew that one of us, if not both, would probably be leaving Espoo soon. So we took all of our stuff  (including Elder Ahlquist's 17lb package) with us... 2 backpacks, a small suitcase each and this big package!  Let's just say it was the most interesting difficult trip back to Espoo ever! And that is when Sister Fronk ended up leaving her shoulder bag on the train!  It practically had her life in it!  So we hurried and called the Espoo sisters further down the line and they ran out and got it off the train!  A miracle!  That night, we invited a potential to a ping pong activity that was happening at the church and she said she could come but then ended up not being able to because her roommate didn't have a key and she needed to wait until they got home. Super sad!  But hopefully we can do something later with her! 

Valentine's Day
Friday... YSTÄVÄNPÄIVA!!!!  So Friday morning Sister Fronk was really struggling and so I got to spend the whole morning making heart shaped sugar cookies! Later that day we printed off little notes to put on the cookies with a scripture on it (Moroni 7: 45-47.)  It was super fun and then we went to people's doors and to people on the street and wished them a "hyvää ystävanpäiva" and gave them cookies.  We got to sing "Love one Another" to some of them and it was super fun! Plus, it really made people feel good when we were giving them cookies. (Though someone flat out rejected my cookie on the train... rude... so I went to a different cart and gave it to someone else! :) haha
Change Calls
Later that night we finally received our change calls!  I will be staying her in Espoo and my new companion Sister Egan will be coming to Espoo.  Sister Fronk will be going to Haaga which is right next to Espoo. So we are all close by and I am still serving with Elder Waite, Elder Hunter, Elder Crofts and Elder Kääria!  So that will be really fun! 
With our investigator Anna
Finally Teaching Anna
Saturday and Sunday were really good! We still continued to give out belated valentine's cookies and that was fun.  We also got to teach Anna before church on Sunday!  FINALLY!! We were so excited! She is so wonderful and we love her so much!  The lesson went really well and we had 2 members there who are now her really good friends which was awesome! She has now come to church 5 times and yesterday she prayed for the first time.  She is reading the Book of Mormon and we are meeting with her again tonight!  We are so excited!  She loves coming to church and doesn't want to leave!  She has even had people call her in between classes at church and she will tell them that she can't talk because she is at church and that she will call back later!  She is honestly amazing!  Yesterday, we also got to go visit a less active member who is in the hospital and sing to her and to some of the cutest old ladies ever in the hospital who were all so sweet!  It was super fun!  
TOIVO!! Cutest little boy in the world!  (I still want to name one of my kids after him! haha)

Well, the church it true!!  I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here in Finland and share it with so many! Thank you for all of your love and support! 

I love you! 

Sister Knapp

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