Thursday, September 12, 2013

Elders Are Still Boys :)


Well, I have just finished the 3rd week at the MTC!  I am almost to a month here and am pretty excited about that!  This week has definitely been the roughest week so far and It is kinda scary to think that I will have rougher ones out in the field.  But, I am trying to stay positive.  

My district.  I love them!

More Rainstorms
We got to run though our 3rd rainstorm this week! It was a BLAST (as usual)! Definitely one of the highlights of this week.  It was a crazy storm and we were actually watching it from the deck of our classroom because it was insane and branches were flying everywhere! It is probably more exciting in the MTC because nothing too new happens everyday haha. But we saw a huge branch fall from a tree and hit the fence and create a huge dent in the fence.  I will send a picture of it.  It was so cool to see. That was when we realized that it was time for dinner... so even though branches were flying all over the place we got the brilliant idea that we would just run to dinner.... haha it was probably a minute away and we were soaked by the time we got there! The security wasn't very happy with us because apparently we were supposed to stay inside but no one was hurt so its all good :) It was super fun! 

After yet another rainstorm!
My Favorite Finnish Words
Finnish is still coming along slowly. We actually got  2 Hungarians in our branch and an Estonian! Which was super exciting! They are all elders but last night the zone leaders and sister training leaders had to go and welcome them and at the end one of my zone leaders, Vanhin Call, asked me to bear my testimony in finnish and Vanhin Richards would translate! Yeah... Talk about nerve racking! But I did it! And it must have made sense because Vanhin Richards could translate!! So that was when I realized that I was finally getting the language! Plus, I discovered some of my favorite words! Pizza = Pizza... Popcorn = Popcorn, Piano = Piano, Pasta = Pasta. Soda = Sooda. haha those words are the best.  I also found my favorite word to say! Suuklapatuka it means candy bar. :) 

Just a sample of my scripture reading in Finnish
Everything I need to learn :)

I also had my first TRC and oh my goodness! Talk about dear in the head lights.  TRC is when members come  and you teach them lessons... but in finnish. So right before I went into TRC we actually found out that instead of teaching an english lesson first thing the next morning, we would be teaching a finnish lesson.  The teachers switched it on us and we hadn't prepared. So as soon as sisar farnworth and I heard about that we just broke down in tears and had to pull ourselves together before we went in and taught. And members that speak finnish... well they like to talk alot! But I didn't know anything they were saying! Oh, it was rough but we were able to come out of it and laugh and the members know we are just learning. So that is a blessing! 

All the Finnish sisters

Oh, Elders :)
The Elders in my district are also so funny.  I have the best elders ever! They probably have made me laugh more than I have in my life! Maybe everything is just funnier when you have been studying all day long! But funny stories.  So elders are still boys and they like to dare eachother to do really dumb things... So Vanhin Call dared Vanhin Alquist to drink some Coke, swallow a mento, and then drink more Coke.  You know what happens when Coke and a Mento are mixed together, right? Yeah it explodes... well it exploded in his stomach and he was throwing up foam for like 10 minutes! Oh my goodness... Elders! The craziest part was that Vanhin Alquist had heard of someone going to the hospital because they did that.  Yet, he did it anyway.... Oh my word! 

Both Finnish districts in the West Campus Cafeteria
Don't Focus on the "I"
Well we have had some great devotionals this week and one was all about staying positive. Which since this week has been rough it is something that I keep having to go back to. But really a thought that I had is when you are really down and discouraged that you are focusing too much on the "I"  you really need to forget yourself and serve others. It is through service to others that you really can find happiness!

Well, I wish I had more time to write! Thanks for all the Love and support! And thank Lisa Blonquist for sending me a package! We loved the treats!! :) 

Sisar Knapp

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